May 4, 2009

Happy Engagement

M. and A. are getting married this summer, and we were privileged with shooting their engagement portraits. These two just look so happy together, and it's obvious they want to continue making each other happy. Sheesh! The hardest thing about this shoot was getting M. to stop looking at A. long enough for a picture.

An unexpected marathon created a hurdle for M. and A. getting to location in the morning, but we worked around it. A huge diffuser softened the harsh noonday sun and a reflector and flash helped fill in the spaces.

The light was bright and the wind was picking up so we stepped into the shade, placed a few reflectors and flashed up some stunning light.

M. and A. were a hoot! They have been joking about foregoing the formal reception in exchange for a backyard event. Maybe this'll help get them started...

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