Sep 14, 2009

The Aquarium

Monterey boasts an amazing aquarium. The staff is terrific, and the exhibits are breathtaking. It's incredible how much is learned just by watching animals and plants interact at their level. No one is bored on a trip to the Aquarium. This Galapagos shark is sure to hold the attention of anyone who sees her.

Dive into this link to see more images from the Aquarium.

Lets start with some more sharks.

It's funny that they all swim the same direction.

Tuna are probably the fastest fish is the house, and multiple sizes and species are represented.

Of course, the bottom of the food chain is also represented.

The building is full of interesting view points, and visitors spend hours in awe.

Tomorrow we'll see some of the warm blooded occupants.

Each of these photos was shot with a Nikon D90. Most of the images were made an 85mm lens all the way open at f/1.8--in the low light, even this wide aperture was not enough and the ISO was usually cranked up to 1600. No flashes were used, but available light was tweaked with exposure compensation for affects, and the White Balance was also used to create different moods. Besides cropping, color adjustments and vignettes, these photos were not significantly altered with Software. Lightroom was the package of choice when adjustments were required. More tomorrow...

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