Sep 16, 2009

Last of the Aquarium, New Feature

Fish aren't the only aquarium dwellers: Birds, otters, and seals also make a home there. Note the link below (Read More!). If there is text before this link on any post, you may click and see more related images. And, as always, click on an image to view a larger version.

Flock here to see more wildlife...

The Kelp forests support all these animals at varying depths. Here an egret lands to stand over water that is 30 feet deep.

Sea otters playfully enjoy their life in the forests. This one lives in the Aquarium; she often takes in orphaned otters found in the bay outside and teaches them to be otters before they are returned to the wild.

Harbor seals are the shyest of the wildlife we saw. This one didn't care for the camera, and quickly took off.


  1. I loved the large version of this. So cool.

  2. The first pic, I mean. But I love the otters too. Dude, you could market a calendar or two.