Sep 21, 2009

"You Wascally Webels!"

What do you get when you bring Stormtroopers to a Carnival for Autism? Now what do you get when one of the kids brings his bunny along?

Hop inside for more images...

The last time we had Stromtroopers as special guests Becca Black won an 8x10 print in the Caption Contest. I thought we'd open it up again: the best caption left in the comments wins a free 8x10 print of any image on the blog, or with your next portrait session. I'm excited to read them. We'll wrap it up by midnight on October 3rd.

This carnival was sponsored by Sahara Cares. We spent three glorious hours shooting families and kids with some of the most generous bad guys you've ever met. The folks who wear these suits dress up almost every week for some function or other and sweat it out in the sun for hours at a time. I've realized that they are not just enthusiastic about their genre, but that they are most enthusiastic about serving. You'll see what I mean from the following images.

Nikon D90, 50mm lens, f/7.1, various speeds, ISO 400, -1/3 EV. Gold Reflector and Light Sabers provide fill light.


  1. "The force is STRONG with this one."

  2. "May I keep him, My Master?"

  3. Here are David's contributions:

    His time with the Imperial Guard was relatively short.


    "You had a pet Ewok and nobody said anything."

  4. or . . . for Jenn:

    "She was caught helping the Reedbellion, Sir."

  5. another from David:

    Be ALL That You Can Be

  6. Great lighting. Those light sabers really worked well!

  7. Looks like Becca and David Black win again! I think I like the Imperial Guard's new slogan best. Thanks Guys!