Oct 23, 2009

Always Take your Camera

Everywhere you go, just carry your camera with you. This does two things:
1) It makes it part of you--you just always have a camera.
2) It makes you ready to pull over and turn around when you see a huge bald eagle sitting in beautiful tree on the side of the highway.

Fly inside for more evidence...

Nikon D90, 70-300mm VR lens, f/8.0, 1/500s, ISO 100.


  1. WOW. Love that last one. How often does a photographer "happen" upon something like that.

  2. Great shots. Where did you take these? My geuss is Bear Lake.

  3. Actually, Rich, I wass surprised to find this fellow on the side of the Valley View Highway about two blocks west of the dump!

  4. James CrawfordOctober 30, 2009

    very nice. Its hard to get in the habit of stopping for roadside photo scenes... sometimes I convince myself I am in a hurry to get somewhere. but you may have convinced me otherwise :)