Nov 5, 2009

Help-Portrait Help

There are a couple of new videos I'd like to share about the Help-Portrait Shoot we have coming up on December 12, 2009.

First, is from the initiator of this idea. Check out a video with Jeremy Cowart to see a sample of what we're trying to do 12/12.

Then head over to the Help-Portrait homepage to see another excellent introduction to the effort. While you're there, you can find our Logan group and sign up--or not; but it helps add momentum.

Finally, we still need help with our local effort. I am arranging for subjects recommended through the local Boys and Girls Club. They are also housing Sub for Santa, so you have an opportunity to help on a few fronts this year.

Ideally, I'd like to present a framed print to our clients, as well as few smaller prints to share. We need help finding frames. Hobby Lobby and Michael's both regret that their hands are tied by their corporate offices and cannot participate this year. We're looking for donations of frames or framing services. I'd like to provide enlargements for some of the families we will be shooting.

I need help with organizing stuff: food, people, responsibilities. If you're willing to help out, leave a comment here, or go to the Cache Valley Photographers and RSVP to participate.

Thanks very much for viewing my blog, and supporting my efforts to become a photographer. I'm giving my talents this season, hoping that it will be a valuable experience for those involved. Thanks for your help.


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