Dec 4, 2009

Gallery Walk

Friends and Photogs,
Thanks to some terrific help from several volunteers, we're ready for the Gallery Walk this Evening in downtown Logan. Come on by between 6 and 9 p.m. to see the work of several members of the Cache Valley Photographers, and check out the new rental studio and gallery space. We're simply calling it "The Studio" (even though we don't have a sign, yet!). So, do us a favor and start referring to The Studio as the hottest new spot in town.

"Oh, the Tabernacle? It's easy to find. It's downtown by The Studio"
"Cafe Ibis is a great deli--and it's so convenient next door to The Studio"
"I like to bank at Zion's bank downtown because it's right there in front of The Studio, so I'm there anyway"

So, come on by tonight, grab some treats and a cuppa cocoa while you enjoy the work of artists you know from around the valley. See you then!


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