Dec 25, 2009

Picture Perfect

I shot A. and his officcemates for their Facebook page--FreeMotion Fitness.

Come on in for a few tips for looking better in pictures.

For some people, it's tough to enjoy having pictures taken. I'm working on this myself, and I've found a couple of methods that seem to really help people to look better in photographs. And more and more I'm fidning that "better" really just means relaxed.

First of all, have your picture taken. As I teach and lead workshops I find that many, many beginning photographers also don't like to be in pictures. As a result, I have to step in front of their lenses in order to demonstrate a particular technique: I have now seen hundreds of pictures of myself over the last few months, and I know that I don't like that the state of Texas would apparently fit on my forehead. Ever been to Montana? Ya know, Big Sky Country? That's how I think my forehead looks in portraits. My mom still has my senior portrait hanging in the entryway, and people are often overwhelmed...I digress.

So, knowing I don't like the look of my forehead, as in the above image, I practice de-emphasizing it. When do I find time, you ask? When I'm brushing my teeth, of course! I'm just standing there looking in the mirror for two minutes, and it's a great time to practice not only the posing of my cranium, but also just what angle to turn my head so that my eyes look good in my glasses, and what expressions I think are most falttering on me.

So, that's the first two tips: see lots of pictures of yourself, and then do something about the things you don't like--that lifeless picture smile you always put on may be harder to fix with a toothbrush in your mouth, but you'll figure it out. And remember, digital film is free, deletable, and no one sees it unless you invite them to. Get comfortable in front of that camera.

Finally, wake up in the morning and say to the mirror "my rye du why my rood en bickers." Then remove that tooth brush and say, "I like the way I look in pictures," and then repeat it ten times. Say it again before bed. I promise that it will actually improve your images of yourself. And it will make your spouse give you some picture worthy looks themselves.

Merry Christmas, and Happy Shooting.


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