Dec 27, 2009

Digital Boxing Day

Digging through files, sorting, throwing out--digital boxing day, I guess. Found that I have dozens of extra copies of K. for some reason. K. was our first model, and was the one who really got us excited about shooting people pictures. She was easy going, willing and chatty. She was getting ready for a trip to Central America, and had just graduated high school, so it was an extremely exciting time for her. I think it really showed in her images, too. As I was going through I couldn't help trying another BW process on this one. The eyes are so engaging!

Nikon D90, 50mm lens, f/4.5, 1/400s, ISO 200, afternoon sunlight diffused through an umbrella--this provides a more wrapping light than a flat scrim or softbox; it makes softer shadows.


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