Aug 31, 2009

Hold Tight

Nikon D90, 50mm lens, f/4.0, 1/250s, ISO 200, SB-600 with 1/4 CTO gel fired camera left, outside the window. The fast shutter speed (Auto FP on Nikon cameras) makes the daylight disappear and leaves only the flash's exposure.

Hold Tight II

Nikon D90, 50mm lens, f/3.5, 1/320s, ISO 200, two sb 600's fired camera left and right, no diffusion.


This is just a little something I picked up in Atlanta and wanted to share. When I was a boy in Illinois we would catch lightning bugs all summer; until I went to Atlanta, I hadn't seen a lightning bug in twenty years. I never thought I'd say that--"twenty years"--about myself, but I just had a birthday...

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Nikon D90, 18-200mm lens @ 40mm, f/4.5, 1/8s, ISO 200. Thanks to Mike Moon for posing the subject.

Aug 30, 2009


What do seamstresses from New York, Cache Valley artisans, and belly dancers from Salt Lake have in common? They all come to the Cache Valley Gardener's Market.

Aug 29, 2009

A Wee Bit More

Another offering from Wee Farm at the Gardener's Market. This time you can see the melons for yourself; they pack 'em in by the barrow full.

Nikon D90, 85mm lens
f/1.8, 1/400s, ISO 100
f/1.8, 1/250s, ISO 100
f/2.5, 1/160s, ISO 100
f/2.5, 1/100s, ISO 100


Even on cloudy days in Cache Valley there are rays of sunshine to be found.

Nikon D90, 85mm lens, f/2.0, 1/500s, ISO 100.

Aug 27, 2009

The Lion's Share

It's obvious this guy is crazy about his son. We had a fun time shooting their extended family this evening; this is a tiny sample of the great images we made. This family definitely got more than a fair share of cute genes.

Nikon D90, 80-200mm lens @ 174mm, f/3.2, 1/500s, ISO 320. Light is the setting sun through a huge diffuser. the fast shutter speed helps to reduce the background light, bringing focus where it belongs: on the moment between father and son.

Aug 23, 2009

You Snooze, You Loose

It was gone before I had the lens cap off. That's the way it always is at the Tandoori Oven in Logan. This little wonder is tucked away near the University adjaent to the Sinclair station on 1000 North and 700 East. We enjoy eating there and are always treated like welcomed guests.

Nikon D90, 35mm lens, f/2.0, 1/15s, ISO 320, tungsten white balance.

Perfect Produce

I had to complete this post swiftly: I was salivating on the keyboard.

Wee Farm of River Heights produces...produce. Good produce. Melons. their seedless watermelons looked like the perfect end of summer lunch. This image just happens to be some of their other tasties which just happened to be topped with some delicious light falling through the trees at the Gardeners' Market in Logan. Be sure to check out Wee Farm's booth next week and pick up some melons. Maybe they'll be at the Wednesday Market at Town Hall.

How many melons can I carry on my scooter...?

Nikon D90, 50mm lens, f/3.2, 1/800s, ISO 200, lit with unaltered sunlight. This image is untouched from the camera.

Aug 21, 2009

Kodachrome vs. Monochrome

Simon and Garfunkel had a definite tendency toward the color; what do you think?

Comforting Hands

She'll end up in these hands a lot.

Nikon D90, 80-200mm lens @ 80mm, f/2.8, 1/100s, ISO 400, straight from camera with no manipulation.

Aug 19, 2009


L. was born a couple of weeks ago. S and B. are sure happy to have her, though her sister, J., is having a harder time adjusting. L. was just a pleasure to shoot as she cuddled with S. Really couldn't mess up here. Had to get one of J., too, so she didn't feel left out--and because she's darling.

Nikon D90, 80-200mm lens @ 200, f/3.2, 1/160s, ISO 250
85mm lens, f/3.2, 1/400s, ISO 250
80-200mm lens @ 200mm, f/3.2, 1/200s, ISO 250
85mm lens, f/3.2, 1/200s, ISO 250

All available light just after sunset--the sky is a huge diffuser. Thanks, again, to Kyle.


Nikon D90, 18-200mm lens @ 200mm, f/5.6, 1/640s, ISO 640.

Aug 17, 2009

BJ (heart) JD

B and JD are always a barrel of laughs and are super reliable--there for you in a pinch. You really couldn't ask for better friends than this couple. No better models, either!

Nikon D90, 80-200mm lens
@ 135mm, f/6.3, 1/100s, ISO 200, -1/3 EV
@ 200mm, f/2.8, 1/200s, ISO 160
@ 80mm, f/2.8, 1/320s, ISO 160
@ 135mm, f/2.8, 1/125s, ISO160

Special thanks to photographer Kyle Tebbs for his assistance making these images.

Aug 15, 2009

Camped Out

Even though you are likely to smell of woodsmoke afterward, it is worth sitting around a campfire once in awhile...eating Cheez-Its.

Thanks for to my brothers-in-law for their help in making these images.

Creeped Out

We had some fun with J's expressive face--these three are just a sampling of his facial control. The key to long exposure portraits is setting your flash to rear sync: this makes the flash pop at the end of the exposure, ensuring a sharp portrait, even if he has moved a little during the exposure (you can probably do this with your point and shoot camera if you look through the menus). Two SB-600's with red and blue gels on either side, and the campfire behind provide the light. Setting the White Balance extra cool (incandescent /tungsten setting) makes the blues pop a little more. The long exposure is responsible for the spark trails from the campfire behind.

Nikon D90, 80-200mm lens
@ 80mm, f/2.8, 19s, ISO 100
@ 200mm, f/3.5, 10s, ISO 100
@ 200mm, f/3.5, 10s, ISO 100

Aug 13, 2009


K. is the bugler for the troop. He's in charge of getting everyone together. As the most experienced wake boarder, he also takes charge and shows the other guys the ropes, helps them figure out how, and also makes sure they have a good time. He's a Scout.

Aug 11, 2009

Bear Lake Bandit

You know how it is: no food is safe. Nevertheless, these commonplace, garbage eating gulls can really be quite beautiful. The guy who designed the Spitfire (an airplane that helped turn the tide of WWII) said he was inspired by watching the flight of gulls. They'll still steal your sandwich.

Nikon D90, 85mm lens, f/4.0, 1/2500s, ISO 100.


A little gem I found at a wedding recently.

Aug 8, 2009


My cousin won't be forgetting this family reunion anytime soon.

Nikon D90, 80-200mm lens @ 170mm, f/3.5, 1/80s, ISO 200, SB-600 with 3/4 CTO gel, camera right.

Aug 7, 2009

Tickin' Turbo from Atlanta

Again, I'm honored that people are so friendly. Turbo shared most of his evening with myself and the team from Darling Studios and was crucial in the lighting for several of my favorite portraits from the day. Check out this video that Darling compiled of his dancing. Thank you, Turbo.


This is probably my last cityscape from Atlanta. I'm in my rural Utah home, again; my Buckhead hotel room was higher than any buildings in Cache Valley! Atlanta was beautiful, and I hope to return to see new friends again.

Aug 6, 2009

Dumpster Funk

You walk out the door in Atlanta and there's always something going on. Heard the siren call of this band a few blocks away. It was almost as much fun making their portraits as it was listening to them.

This isn't their official name, but the dumpster near the bar's patio and dank Atlanta evenings explain it all.