Nov 29, 2009

Gettin' Hitched

Teamed up with Gary Bird yesterday to make these fun portraits for the soon to be married M. and K. Once they loosened up (tough when it's freezing outside (but she said, "I'd really like some pictures in the snow")) we had a fun time getting some images and video for their announcements and reception.

Follow me inside...


Nov 27, 2009

Flower Friday

Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving as much as I did.


Nov 25, 2009

On the Horizon


Capitol Reef has shoals?

This lighthouse stands guard in Cedar City, UT. I didn't realize that the National Parks put any ships in danger...

Nikon D90, 70-300mm lens @ 185mm, f/8.0, 1/800s, ISO 200.


Nov 22, 2009

One more...

This one doesn't show the dress...

These images were both made using enhanced window light on a cloudy day. The room we were in had fourteen foot tall windows with heavy dark blue curtains. We opened just a slit in the curtains to pour some of that soft light in from outside. This is enough light, but I was having a little trouble keeping myself from shaking (just so excited to have such a great subject, I suppose) so we added a little pop of flash through a soft-box from the same position as the window; this froze my movement while just brightening that window light a little bit.

Nikon D90, 50mm lens, f/2.8, 1/100s, ISO 200, SB-600 in a soft-box.


Nov 21, 2009

Can't Wait

Her fiance still hasn't seen her dress, yet, so I can't post too many of these...but I couldn't wait to share this one with you--can you see the anticipation in her face? We sure had a blast shooting her,too.


Nov 17, 2009

The Conductor

Another image from our workshop last Saturday. We had some terrific models.

Nikon D90, 70-300mm lens @ 185mm, f/5.0, 1/100s, ISO 200, one SB-600 through a soft box.


Nov 16, 2009

Jane Austin... your heart out. These two sisters would be great subjects of a book--or a photograph. Look for more of them to come.


Nov 15, 2009

On the Run

Nikon D90, 10-20mm lens @17mm, f/5.3, 1/200s, ISO 200, one SB-600 in a soft-box with a 1/4 CTO gel.


Nov 14, 2009


Man, what a day! A terrific workshop with amazing models and diligent participants, followed by one the best portrait shoots I have had with a couple of kids, finished off with new ideas and possible directions for our studio. I'm beat. See ya tomorrow.


Nov 12, 2009

Portraiture Workshop

Last chance to sign up for Saturday's Portraiture Lighting Workshop with the Cache Valley Photogaphers...

See you there.


Flower Friday

To help us get through the winter, I thought we might try Flower Fridays. Here's a highly stylized splash of color; happy Friday.


Nov 10, 2009

G & G...& M

Nikon D90, 50mm lens, f/1.8, 1/40s and 1/250s, ISO 200. These were done in aperture priority mode with adjustments made to the exposure compensation (EV, +/-). I went up 1/3 on the boy, and minus 1 2/3 for the girl. The exposure compensation allows you to adjust the highlights and shadows so that they are neither too light or dark, thus keeping detail in the image file. During post processing you can then adjust the exposure with more precision--especially if you shot the image in a RAW file format.

One more inside...


Nov 9, 2009

Artist, Made in Taiwan

Nikon D90, 50mm lens, f/1.8, 1/60s, ISO 500.


Nov 8, 2009

Fall Family

As you can see, we were able to squeeze another great portrait session out of the fall colors yesterday. However, it won't last much longer, so call us up right away to get your family's portraits done now. These images were all made in cooperation with Gary Bird.

Click inside for some different views and a special guest...

We had a special guest during this session: the frog was shy at first, but quickly warmed up to the lens...

Passersby III

These are the latest victims of passersby as Gary and I were scouting places and environs to shoot. G. and S. were visiting from Salt Lake, while K. and Molly live here in the Valley. What great subjects they all were!

Click here to see a few more of these new friends...

Nov 5, 2009

Yucca filamentosa

Nikon D90, 50mm lens, f/7.1, 1/80s, ISO 200.


Help-Portrait Help

There are a couple of new videos I'd like to share about the Help-Portrait Shoot we have coming up on December 12, 2009.

First, is from the initiator of this idea. Check out a video with Jeremy Cowart to see a sample of what we're trying to do 12/12.

Then head over to the Help-Portrait homepage to see another excellent introduction to the effort. While you're there, you can find our Logan group and sign up--or not; but it helps add momentum.

Finally, we still need help with our local effort. I am arranging for subjects recommended through the local Boys and Girls Club. They are also housing Sub for Santa, so you have an opportunity to help on a few fronts this year.

Ideally, I'd like to present a framed print to our clients, as well as few smaller prints to share. We need help finding frames. Hobby Lobby and Michael's both regret that their hands are tied by their corporate offices and cannot participate this year. We're looking for donations of frames or framing services. I'd like to provide enlargements for some of the families we will be shooting.

I need help with organizing stuff: food, people, responsibilities. If you're willing to help out, leave a comment here, or go to the Cache Valley Photographers and RSVP to participate.

Thanks very much for viewing my blog, and supporting my efforts to become a photographer. I'm giving my talents this season, hoping that it will be a valuable experience for those involved. Thanks for your help.


Nov 2, 2009

First Shot

This is the first image I ever made with my photo classes. I was just trying to encourage them to start shooting instead of looking for things to shoot. Carrying your camera only helps you become a better photog if you start using it.

Nikon D90, 50mm lens, f/8.0, 1/250s, ISO 200.