Jan 3, 2010

An Afternoon Out

Took a little drive with Gary Bird this afternoon. Sometimes one just needs to get out and make some pictures--even if it is 10 below freezing and there is a terrible haze settled into the Cache Valley.

We were hoping to make some landscape shots in Mt. Sterling, but the haze detered us. Instead we stayed on the road to Paradise to see what we could find. Evidently, these folks were doing the same thing; only they were prepared to dig it up when they found it.

Click here to follow us down the road to see what we found...

While in Paradise, we stopped at a beach to watch the sunset...

Then jumped back into the car for some rural snowscapes.

These irrigation lines are well photographed in every state around the West. Therefore, our challenge was to find a new angle, a new perspective, a different view that hadn't been done before.

But that's pretty much impossible. We walked away with more of the same images that are filling up every photographer's hard drive and negative sleeves from California to Nebraska and beyond. But this time it's our hard drives, and that makes all the difference. A cold winter's afternoon outing isn't really about the images made (when we want images, we go out on even colder winter mornings).



  1. That sunset shot is just beautiful.

  2. The first three images definitely stand out. Well done. Classic Sepia, awesome beach shot, and nice composition/lead in lines all over that field.