Jan 18, 2010

A Bouquet's Worth

I couldn't resist some more of these. It's also a sneek peek for Mom and Dad, and maybe they'll share some of these images of little L. with family members, too. I love that everyone can view pictures from anywhere in the world. It wasn't long ago that I was squished on the couch with my grandma and aunts, turning the thick cellophane covered pages of a creme colored photo album. Man, the web is much more comfortable, and grandma doesn't have to wait for me to come by to see my images. My grandma even has one of those keychains with a mini digital photo frame on it--she can show you her Alaska pictures at the super market!

Pick your way in here...

All shot at The Studio.


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  1. Thanks for posting another picture; you didn't have to. How was Sherlock Holmes and your wife's birthday…