Feb 2, 2010

Goin to the Chapel...

There's a lot of anxiety as the bride and her maids get ready for the day; then a little bit of a calm for the bride as sisters and maids get into their positions; then another stop as each groomsman escorts a maid to her place, and the flower girl waits her turn, too, in more ways than one; then a last bit of anxiety as Dad and daughter prepare for their turn; then the ceremony, and the traditions, and Great Grandma Ginger feeling proud, and the candles, and the kissing; finally the dancing and the cake, and the getting underway to someplace the groom has secretly reserved. What fun a wedding is!

Follow me inside for more action down the aisle...

Last Spring I met Zech Wendt at a photography seminar in Salt Lake. Hh works in Boise, and we have kept in touch, always hoping for an opportunity to work together. This last weekend was just such an opportunity, and Jenn and I had a blast shooting this wedding. We shot from 6am to after 3pm, and it was just one thing after another all day to keep us hopping. While Jenn help cover the girls getting ready, Zech and I had fun with the Cop groom and his handgun enthusiast groomsmen. We had a blast getting know each of the families as we made their portraits and watched them give a wonderful day to the bride and groom. These are some of the best of the Boise area, and we are honored to have been involved in their special day.

Because Zech was well prepared and had excellent lighting arranged to cover the entire service and reception, I was pleased to be able to try a little bit different look and primarily use the lighting available in each setting we went through. I was thinking in monochrome all day and enjoyed the different perspective. I put a filter over my brain and saw the world in Black and White--which is natural for me, having been trained in B&W from the start. J. and M. were terrific subjects, and working with their families was a real pleasure.

Nikon D90 and D40x, 70-200mm VR lens, 85mm f/1.8 lens, and 12-24mm f/4 lens, mixed lighting.



  1. My favorites are shots 10, 11, 14 & 15 (candles, kissing against the wall, behind the veil and "cutting the cake"?)

  2. Great shots. The mood and lighting are super! One day I'll see in B/W too. Thanks for lighting the way!