Feb 7, 2010

New Yorkers

I spent Saturday morning in Manhattan. I had some time before my flight out, and who wouldn't take the opportunity to go into New York City? I road the subway and hiked about town without a map. This was a much better experience than driving around Long Island. I had a GPS in my rental car, which was pretty helpful; however, anytime I missed a turn, or chose to stop and have a look around the lady on my GPS became annoyed and said, "Recalculating," in a patronizing tone, as if she's dealing with a simpleton who just doesn't know any better.

No, real New Yorkers were much more friendly. Not one of them ever turned me down for a picture, and most stood and chatted with me, offering eating and sightseeing suggestions. I've heard that they just aren't as nice in the East, but I didn't find it true. Maybe it's my photographers' license, which often opens people up, but I think they get a bad name. Have a look at these and decide for yourself.

Come on in for a few more...

Nikon D90, 50mm f/1.8 lens, f/4 when possible for maximum sharpness. The fixed 50mm ( a prime lens) is great for this sort of work because it's not big, or long, or imposing and doesn't make people too uncomfortable when you make their portrait on the street. What fun.


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  1. Who says New Yorkers aren't nice? I really like the picture of the police officer, women can be beautiful even in uniform.