Feb 8, 2010

New York Public Library

I took the trains to Penn Station and walked down 7th avenue toward Times Square, and wandered from there. New York is great because there's always something to see around any corner. I headed toward the Chrysler building, but it wasn't getting any closer after several blocks, so I looked down another street and saw Grand Central Station (look for those tomorrow!), then around another corner and I was staring Patience and Fortitude in the face. Those're their names, the lions. I joined a walking tour inside and was amazed by this incredible building. I was reminded of my first experience with the New York Public Library: Ghost Busters.

"Listen...do you smell something?"
Come on in and find out...

Nikon D90, 50mm and 12-24mm lenses. I set my camera to black and white for the entire day in Manhattan. This was wonderful! Seeing the images on my camera in black and white helped me to envision the tones and textures before clicking the shutter. There are many colors and lights and moving things in the city--so many that it's hard to pick out a subject in an image. but, when you see in Black and White, subjects are easier to pick out, and the entire image becomes a cohesive subject itself. I highly recommend trying it out. If you use a RAW file format, then even though you see the images in Black and white on the camera, they will still be in color when you upload to your computer--which can be disappointing.


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