Mar 21, 2010

What I'd Rather Be Doing

So, there I am at Smilie's Szechuan Buffet, enjoying an unidentified hunk of chicken on a kabob, kind of pulling it apart along indistinct seams in the tissue, kinda wishing I hadn't taken it, but not wanting to not eat it because I had been chatting with the owners in Mandarin and being all friendly and didn't want them thinking, "I can't believe he didn't eat all his food! Doesn't he know that there are kids starving in Shandong Provence?!"

Anyway, I'm struggling through this little tough piece of meat when the when the mom and son at the table next to me starts talking about Siamese twins, and if they can be separated and live if they share a head, and weather they can have two heads on one body, and how it would be such an exercise in sharing...I didn't finish my kabob.

I was thinking I'd rather be doing a lot of other things. Like sitting alone at the Seattle Tacoma Airpost watching the planes while eating pastries form Seattle's Best Coffee, like this gal:

I also thought I might rather be driving an Indy car on the tarmac, like this dude:

Heck, I'd even prefer to be piddling along in a little cart:

I'd much sooner examine these light fixtures:

I'll see what else there is on this trip to keep my mind occupied when I get grossed out, and I'll show you what I find.

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  1. Levi, I love, love, love the airport picture!! I love how it starts with an ordinary floor and fades into water and then into sky. Beautiful.