Apr 10, 2010


Patch and his team run the woodwright's shop at the American West Heritage Center. They have an array of period tools and craft some incredible works. Patch is an accomplished sculpter, actor, and interpreter. I highly recommend paying a visit there this summer to see some his work, as well as his apprentices. 

You'll find more of these guys, as well as a load of others from Baby Animal Days at our Facebook Page. 


  1. Are you going to post any more pictures of Baby Animal Days? Other than the three of the woodworkers?

  2. There will be more to come! I appreciate the patience. Unfortunately, this is the busiest time of the year for photographers. I'd really like to showcase a ton of pictures of kids being trampled by sheep--oh, and just wait until you see the ones from the reptile rescue! Alas, I also have to finish some boring old portraits. Luckily, theses woodworkers were ready to go right our of the camera without any processing.

    Keep an eye on the blog, and we'll get them done. Thanks.