May 30, 2010

In Memorium

Around here, we remember our veterans who have fought in wars protecting or, hopefully, securing liberty for others. Most of us have Grandparents, Uncles, or Parents who fit into this group, and we are grateful to them.

This image, however, is from Panama; from the American cemetery there. These are largely Americans who died building the canal. Malaria, yellow fever, and dynamite probably account for most of the deaths. These are just some of the tens of thousands who were killed creating the canal. As I think about it, my life would be extremely different without this canal. I imagine all the thousands of goods in my home that have traversed the canal, making them affordable for me to buy. The costs of going all the way around the southern continent would make many of these items unattainable for me, unimaginably altering my quality of life. I've worked as an engineer for a major manufacturer here in Logan, and now I have a completely different appreciation when we discuss how many units will fit in a shipping container. Each of the large containers costs as much as $75 to traverse the canal; as much as $500,000 per ship. I wonder what the total person cost per container has been over the years. Thank you for providing us all a comfortable life.

Nikon D90, 70-200mm VR lens with 1.7 tele extender @ 340mm, f/11, 1/40s, ISO 200

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