May 25, 2010


I can admit it, so it's not a problem, right? It's definitely not a problem--it's constructive, actually. It makes me better, more productive, and brings more in than it costs. I may be addicted to gear, but it's not a problem. Really.

So, I was casually browsing, just checking to see if anything new had been posted in the Nikon categorie in the last two minutes, and low and behold, something had been, and it's something I know Gary has been shopping for for quite a while. A 300mm f/4 lens, found locally, no less. Quickly checked reviews and specs, compared prices on eBay, considered how many pints of plasma it would cost, and then got together with Gary to go check it out.

The fellow let us take it out shooting to try it out. We didn't fall in love, and Gary's eyes were opened to the constraints of a fixed focal length lens. This thing doesn't zoom; it's always zoomed in close. We realized some of the limits of this as we wielded it at the Skate Park. After knocking two or three guys in the head with it (it's quite long) and getting great pictures of their belt buckles, we retreated to the grassy knolls surrounding the park. From sixty yards it makes some pretty good full length pictures of these guys in action. Check out the creamy bokeh applied to the backgrounds by the wide aperture and long focal length. I think it has some real potential as a portrait lens, too.

We bought it. But we didn't have to. We don't need it.

We don't have a problem.

As you can see, we are perfectly under control...

Nikon D90, 300mm AF ED f/4 lens, f/4, ~1/2500s, ISO 200.

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