Jun 20, 2010

3rd Place

I won 3rd place in the Summerfest Photo Contest last week. Boy was I excited to win. I had been to this location twice, scouting it out and imagining how I wanted to make a picture there. This first image is what I was was working on. I shot a million of it with different framing, and different exposures, and different filters--heck, I even used different tripods! It just wasn't happening, though.

So, I turned around, and this is what I saw in a barn. Immediately I imagined it in black and white, and thought about how I would finish the image. then I started hooting it. Took about ten frames. This is the image I entered, and it's the one that one Third Place.

I never did print the first one. This next was my second entry at the Faire.


  1. Congratulations! Woohoo!

  2. Great color and warmth in the first one but I think you made the right choice. The sharpness on the dandelion is dandy!