Jun 9, 2010

Cache Valley is a Dump

You'd hate it. It's like everyone says, "Isn't it, like, minus 60 most of the winter up there? I could never live in Cache Valley!" It's just like that. Why, today it was still freezing, no flowers were blooming, and I think a blizzard is forecast for Saturday. You should definitely not move here. There are no redeeming qualities to this place. Stay home; or, better, yet, move to Arizona.

We'll just stay here suffering.

Canon 5D, 16-35mm lens, a@ 16mm, f/22, 1/50s, ISO 640.

Nikon D90, 50mm lens, f/3.2, 1/100s, ISO 400.


  1. Where was the top picture taken at? Beautiful

  2. Sorry...I was sworn to secrecy by some Cache Valley lovers! However, we have a workshop in the works wherein we will go there and make our own images with varying lights, and probably some models, too. It'll be fun, so keep an eye on the Cache Valley Photographers page (link on the right at the top of this page).