Jun 27, 2010

The Capitol and Moon Rise

I was lucky enough to spend last week in neighborhood of Washington, D.C. I even got to meet up with a few friends I haven't seen in many years, and tour the National Mall with some locals. It's an interesting place, D.C., and I'd like to visit again...in the autumn, perhaps, or another time when 200 year old high temperature records aren't being broken...

Nikon D700, 70-300mm lens @ 145 & 300, f/29 and f/40, 30.0s and 1/2.5s, ISO 200. I spent more than an hour making this image, getting the moon in just the right place. Photoshop was not a major player in this image, but if you know that the Capitol lies at the East end of the National Mall, then you also know that this image is impossible to make in June! The moon rose nearly 90 degrees to camera right. This image was made by exposing the sensor twice without advancing to the next frame. This is a technique that has been around as long as photography. Is it 'realistic'? Just as real as any photograph that is an image of a moment in time. Photography is never realistic. The world keeps moving, the world is color not black white, the world is color, but never as vivid as we remember, the world is changing and decaying and growing and aging. Photographs are static and timeless and surreal and historical. Never realistic. 

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  1. Very cool! Well executed and love the philosophy. Interesting pattern on the lights. Mine won't do that many rays even at the smallest aperture.