Jun 13, 2010

A Cathedral Wedding

I'm glad that A. and J. decided to risk it. The weather has been rainy all week and the temperature dropped last night, too. However, the sprinkling stopped almost as soon as the bride started down the aisle, and it didn't rain a drop the rest of the afternoon. In fact, we were blessed with character-rich clouds and fabulous, even light across the sky. The grandest barrel-vaulted cathedrals in Europe can't match the hills and sky of Avon.

I was pleased to assist Chavonne Demler for this wedding. She has style and is a wiz at this stuff. I sure had fun working with her and the families, making beautiful images that they will treasure for a lifetime or two. We both shoot with the same camera, so we were switching gear all around and sharing lenses, and talking tech (always good to sound like you know what you're doing!), using remote strobes, and just generally using light to create. 

Plus, the reception food was incredible.

Nikon D90, 12-24mm lens @24mm, f/8.0, 1/100s, ISO 800, SB-600 camera right (bare headed on a monopod from high).

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  1. What an awe-inspiring location. Great choice.