Jun 14, 2010

A Quick Columbine

Getting ready for the Summerfest Photo Contest. This is the first year it has happened, and there have been a few rough spots, but there are so many extremely talented photogs involved that it will certainly be a good show. For my part, I awoke at 4:30 this morning to try for some sunrise options, and scheduled a model shoot this afternoon to try some more stuff. Do i have anything? That will be seen on Wednesday--at which time you're all invited to come to our Tent on the Tabernacle grounds at 7:00 for our reception and awards announcement. Should be pretty exciting. 

Speaking of Summerfest, be sure to head over to Mel Torrie's blog and website. He is an astounding photographer, and we will be privileged to peruse his work at his enormous booth at the Faire. Be sure to stop by, and mention my name...on second thought, don't bring me into the conversation...

Here's a quickie from a scouting tri for the contest my wife and I made yesterday. The long lens isolates that subject. I'm very pleased with how sharp this lens is proving to be, and the bokeh is excellent. See you at the Faire.

Nikon D90, 300mm lens, f/4.0, 1/1600s, ISO 800. Have I mentioned how much I love the noise reduction tools in LR3?

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  1. A classic shot! Love the choice of DOF and composition.