Jul 25, 2010

The 24th

The rest of the country must be jealous. I don't know of anywhere else that gets two fantastic fireworks holidays each year. I'll probably get emails pointing to several others, and then next year I won't be able to say I don't know of any others...but this year, I'm pretty sure we're the envy of the nation.

And within Utah, Mendon must be the most sought after display: no where else do they allow you to sit right under the display and a stone's throw from the launchers. It was really an incredible show. I work hard at practicing the grip of my camera and my stance so that I can make steady pictures in low light situations, but no amount of practice readies one for the continuous concussion from explosions twenty feet overhead! What fun.

Nikon D700, 12-24mm f/4 DX lens @ 13mm, f/5.6, 5.0s, ISO 400.

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