Jul 23, 2010

2.5 Minutes of Fame

I was on the Radio this morning--a couple of stations interviewed me about Scott Kelby's World Wide Photo Walk happening this Saturday. Yours truly was On The Air to try to get more people to sign up. Not only is the walk a blast to participate in, but proceeds from T-shirt sales go directly to the Springs of Hope Orphanage, which we built last year with the earnings. Hope to see you Saturday.

Anyhow, it was fun being on the radio for the first time (besides one time when I called in to KSL a few years ago). They had a bunch of vintage equipment in the lobby and while I was waiting I made good use of their stuff. 

Nikon D700, 50mm f1.4 lens, f/1.8, 1/500s, ISO 1250.

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