Jul 6, 2010

Beauty in Blue

Gary and I are always saying that we need Sherpas who are also models: Sherpa Models. You know, that race of people who live high in the mountains of Tibet? They carry packs up mount everest for the climbers (they're probably the ones taking pictures of the guys as they climb up to the top of the peaks!). I mean, I've climbed lots of peaks over 14,000 feet tall, and I've done pretty well at the high altitude and have not gotten sick. In fact, I once worked at the gift shop on top of Pikes Peak at 14,110 feet; stocking the shelves could leave one a little light headed, but it felt great to return to 7,000 feet each night. Sherpas are pretty much born at 14,000 feet. They would probably drown at 7,000; in fact, I met a famous Sherpa once, and he did seem a little heavily oxygenated...

Anyway, Sherpa Models. They could carry loads of gear, and then look good in pictures, too. It's a dream combination! Imagine hiking through Zion's National Park, toting your pack and tripod when you come upon a the perfect scene with the light about to be playing perfectly upon the canyon walls. You set up your 'pod, and frame the picture...and realize it would just look a lot better with a well lit person in there. So, your sherpa model unpacks the lights, you aim them and adjust the power perfectly, pose the Sherpa-become-Model and fire away! you've just created the perfect Landscape portrait upon which you are now touring the country lecturing and instructing people on the proper recruitment techniques for East Asians. The perfect combination.

Well, I have the model part covered, anyway; I guess I'll keep slogging my own gear for a while.

Nikon D700, 55mm micro lens, f/3.5, 1/1000s, ISO 200.

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