Jul 11, 2010

A Little Help

B. was good enough to model for us during a class on Saturday. Patient fellow, and fun to work with. He did get an italian ice out of the deal, so he had good reason to cooperate. Obviously, he was waning a little toward the end, but swapping sides of the camera helped bring a little pep back, plus he didn't do too badly handling a three pound camera.

I saw this opening in the wall which was also reflecting light back onto B.'s face. I feel like the brightness of the opening itself offers an interesting balance to B. on the far side of the frame. This playful expression called for something that breaks the rules a little, that's why the rule of thirds isn't.

Here's when he he was fading, but still keeping up the natural faces very well. Our main light is the Sun high and to the right reflecting off the sidewalk low and to the left. This provides a bit of contrast on his face, and the sunlit parking lot behind us brings that nice catchlight into his eyes.

Me, same position, different perspective--about a foot lower.

Nikon D700, 85mm f/1.8 lens, f/5.6, various speeds, ISO 800.

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