Aug 13, 2010

Description of a Flower Friday

This iPad thing is pretty handy--especially as a photographer. It's fulfilling my purpose quite well. For instance, I'm in California, and just showed one of my favorite pictures (Mavericks Surfer) to a surfer I ran into. He loved it, and I loved that. Showing pictures on demand in high resolution with a beautifully lit screen really makes an impression. Like I say, pretty handy.

Although it allows users to devour things like pictures and web pages, it does not create certain things very well. Like blog posts with pictures. For some reason, I cannot insert a picture from my files into this post. That's too bad; for you. Now you'll just have to read about the flowers I would have posted.

The thing is, the San Francisco area has been socked in for weeks. Nothing but fog for days on end. It's great for me--I can handle a respite from the hot summer in Logan. However, it's bad news for camera equipment, and it also makes for very dark sunsets. So, the huge patch of white daisies I was going to post here did not get shot. 

They were gorgeous, though! Little white bunches bursting from the cloudy heather surrounding them, with mist visibly swirling around them. Actually, it's better that the picture can't be posted...I wouldn't have done it justice. Anyhow, the cold, wet evening yielded almost no pictures, and the couple I did make appear to be victims of a dirty sensor (more on that another day).

So, here I sit at Mezza Luna--a totally Italian place from my server (Giovanni) to the Ferrari's in the parking lot. I tried to make pictures of my calamari salad with prawns, but those little squid legs just don't look that great under the mood lighting in here. 

And it's a very good thing that the pictures of the cioccolati cheesecake and ice-cream dessert won't turn out: I'll not be held responsible for you buying plane tickets to eat here this weekend. 


  1. I think that may be because the ipad doesn't support Adobe flash? And blogger uses adobe flash for its uploader. There is a way to override and do a manual upload if you are interested.

  2. Kaleena, I think that you nailed it! Do you know the work around? I am very interested!