Aug 18, 2010

The not-so-Golden Gate

Get it? Cause of the fence? Gate? Right?

Anyway, there's a fence keeping people from tumbling down the hill onto the highway. Some considerate photog was good enough to cut a telephoto lens sized hole in the fence to shoot through, and my buddy Philipe made good use of that. I opted to climb up on a timber post, Daniel-san style, and shoot over the fence. I rather like the look here. The wide angle emphasizes the lines and distances, really drawing the eye to the center and farthest portion of the bridge, then back tracking and examining details. I also like the triangles.

Nikon D700, 12-24mm f/4.0 lens @ 17mm, f/8.0, 1/800s, ISO 400. I shot this in Black and White. Your camera does a better job of it than Photoshop, and if you have a Nikon D80, 90, 300, 300s, 700, 3, 3s, or a Canon D40, 50, 7D, 5DMkII, 1DMkIII, IV, or 1DsMkIII, then your camera has the capability to make phenomenal black and whites by applying an affect perfectly similar to shooting black and white film with  a colored filter on the lens. If you haven't tried it, you should. You'll love it. Sometimes it saves the day when the sky is grey. Also, a few other cameras may have the ability to shoot with the filters, but all of them can shoot in Black and White--it's called Monochrome in your camera. Good luck.

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