Aug 4, 2010


Nikon D700, 70-200mm f/2.8 VR lens @ 130mm, f/3.5, 1/100s, ISO 400.

Nikon D700, 70-200mm f/2.8 VR lens @ 200mm, f/10.0, 1/5s, ISO 200.
Preparing to perform is not only about practicing the movements. A large part is simply thinking about the performance itself, preparing things mentally before creating them physically/ audibly/visibly. This is an age-old piece of wisdom which I am trying to incorporate regularly in my workflow. Oh, not my violin playing (fortunately for you!) like S. here, but in my photographic performances which actually begin the moment I consider inviting you to be my client or responding to your invitation to shoot for you. The first thing I do is to think what words will help to ensure a good fit between us in a working relationship (often I ask if a prospective client has seen my work) because I want 
to make sure there are no misconceptions about what the resulting pieces of artwork will be like. I try to vet those who are after a style I don't do and point them to a photographer I know who might be a better fit. Like the gal who called the other day asking if I could shoot her pottery for her. I was certainly intrigued by her descriptions, and she said she liked my work, so we got together to make it work. The result is that I met a fascinating woman who makes some truly beautiful ceramic creations. I don't want to spoil them, though, so you may have to find them next time you're in Jackson. Anyway, I was thinking for a week about how to light and showcase her work without ever having seen it! In the end, I had to remember that these images were really just the same as my portrait work: they are about capturing her spirit in the clay, not showing off my skill. Still, I bet S. is more skilled at the meditative preparation than I...

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