Sep 15, 2010

Behind Enemy Lines

We'd been called in to complete a difficult job. Natives were rebellious and had gone to ground. So there we were, entrenched in foliage, shots going off all around us. I ducked low, looking for the right angle to get my shot off, but no matter how I moved about or snuck in close, all I got was crusty looks and distrustful glances made from behind deep cover.

We kept at it, however, and maintained a vigil for the opportunity to break in and obtain the objective. The locals had to be turned, and we were the only ones to do it. Still, opposition was tough and the defenses were tight.

Then I remembered what I learned in 'Nam. We began to break through, and some of the natives were helping persuade the others. Though I could see in the eyes that it was like DEFCON 4 was still in effect.

Finally, through diligence, negotiation, cajoling, and sharp shooting, the mission was accomplished. The defenses were lowered, arms were surrendered, and an accord was reached. Both sides ended up sated and peace holds today.

I love it when a plan comes together.

Nikon D-700, 70-200mm f/2.8 VR lens, f/6.3, various speeds, ISO 640.


  1. Love the lighting on that first one! Wow!

  2. Love your descriptions of your posts...I need to become more creative like that...cute pictures.