Sep 25, 2010

Tasty's in Tokyo

Of course we had Sushi. It's a law, I think. I was also fed soba noodles which are delightfully gluten-free (made from buckwheat, which isn't wheat at all), and also all kinds of tasty meats (like this eel) and veggies. If you've never had those little tiny spiky cucumbers they grow in Asia, you're missing out. They are so crispy!

Here's Kona chowing down.

 Dinner was Sushi. My hosts were more than happy to buy a nice sushi dinner at their companies expense. Who am I to complain?

This is our chef...getting the food ready (he's not really cooking, cause, you know, it's sushi; should he even be called a chef?). It tasted better than it looks here. The room temperature feel of it, however wasn't my favorite part.

 Pretty good presentation, though! The two pink ones at 3:00 were the most expensive pieces, I'm told. They were very smooth feeling and tasted pretty good. Actually they all tasted pretty good. Actually they all tasted pretty much the same...the textures were different, however.

 The Salmon eggs weren't bad, but I really didn't see what the trout get all excited about. These were on a California roll (I know, in Japan!) and that was a nice way for me to enjoy them. The other eggs, at 5:00 in the above picture with a black band, were not so nice for me. They were okay, but they felt like little tiny styrofoam balls in my mouth. That's the only dish I was served twice in Japan. Wouldn't you know?

I just thought these silver skinned fish should get a close up. They were also very smooth, and the skin was not chewy, as I was afraid it would be. Plus it's shiny. Ooooh.

This is a mushroom pudding with fishy tofu stuff in the bottom. It was very good. Why can't I get the good stuff twice?

"How about some White Fish?" Why not--I like whitefish in the states--caught fresh from the Snake River...mmmm. Maybe they'll even cook it with lemon.

Oh, wait: sushi joint. Right. Well, they're not exactly what I would keep if I was fishing. At least you don't have to gut them.

And then dessert. It's like Jell-O, but a little harder.  And not that sweet. And it has green fuzz. It is tasty, though.

Anyway, it was fun to eat there. Always an adventure. It could be worse: they could have served insects.


  1. What lens are you taking these with... I love how everything but the focus point is so creamy, it really draws your eye into the point of interest...

  2. These are done with the 50mm f/1.4, but you can get the same result with the f1.8, and it's loads cheaper. I, too, love the focus the focus brings.

  3. I want that bowl of noodles...right my mouth.