Oct 31, 2010

Colorado Characters

Labor Day in Colorado was very nice, and packed with interesting people. We started our adventure with a visit to Garden of the Gods Park: huge rocks, lots of people--draws photogs like honey draws flies. Like this guy, A., who was visiting and making pics of his friend. Always fun to hobnob with other photogs.

This fella was just cleaning the route his friend had led--too bad we were too late to catch the leader.

 The Garden is apparently comparable to Mount Rushmore; it was enough to draw this fellow and his family from South Dakota, and he was kind enough to be cajoled into a picture. The rocks are so red that there's red light reflecting everywhere in the garden. This is shot with the Nikkor 300mm f/4 ED lens (check out that bokeh!)

A few hours shooting at the Park really works up an appetite. After our meal at Popeye's there were several coworkers waiting for the bus near our car. The light in this dude's glasses made me do a double take, and I just walked up and asked him if I could photograph the light in his glasses (see, if people feel like they are just a background to the subject (the glasses) then they are not nervous and don't mind being photographed). He was a gem about it.

Same thing here. We made our way over to the balloon classic, where people were enjoying the fair-like fare. Who wouldn't stop to shoot those glasses and that drumstick?

Don't know why the sun glasses were so great this trip. Click through the link below for some more images, including one that may have inspired my Halloween hairdo. 

This is after I shot, like, seven in a row of the guy's glasses--he just started laughing (of course, his friends were helping in that department) so I kept shooting. I like it.

This one, however, was shot as we left the Popeye's from the window of the car; he was all too happy to oblige for the camera. Check out that hair! Now check out mine...

Not sure what Chef Boyardee was doing at the balloon registration...

And, of course, the indelibly memorable G-Man, with whom I shot the marching band competition all day yesterday. Have a look at his site for those images.

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