Nov 19, 2010

B.'s Boys

Do you have people in your life who are perpetually encouraging and always giving you props? I hope you do. I hope you have a few people who tell you that you do good work--people who are a fan of you. I hope you don't have too many, cause it, ya know, goes to your head.

Still, it's good for you to get a pat on the back and reassurance that you're on the right path.

Blogs are good that way. You can share something, publish something--anything--and invite people to read/view it and they will. And a bunch of people will even leave comments (nirvana for bloggers is getting comments on a post) and then tell you next time they see you that they saw your blog. It's fun, and it makes you feel good about a little something you made.

However, you may soon receive fewer comments, and people you see often say that they like to stop by your blog sometimes (but they fail a trivia test about your blog, so you know they haven't been reading your morning updates, let alone your afternoon edition). You soon notice that you've lost some vigor in your blogging (the afternoon edition is down to two pages), and you wonder why you ever even started, and why anyone would ever even care to read it in the first place.

But then, just when you're ready to quit (the afternoon edition, that is--the morning update must press on!) you happen upon your fan who encourages you.

You notice that she has quotes from your blog, or pictures on her desktop. She raves about something you posted, and reminisces about that little piece you shared a coupe of months ago. She says she loves reading everyone else's comments and picks up where the last left off. She carries on like everyone in the world knows everything you've ever posted, and shares it around. She encourages you once again, and you leave with that old vigor busting out, and as you walk down the corridor you're already composing your first evening edition post.

Well, my friend B. isn't like that at all. Nope. She's not so much into the head swelling jabber that is apparently fertilizing the blogosphere. She's encouraging, to be sure, and she tells you when she likes something. She doesn't add fluff. She just says she likes it, and you know it's sincere because she said it. She's not a fan.

Just a friend.

I've been looking forward to making these pictures for a very long time. B. likes my flower pictures (she calls them 'botanicals'; maybe she fluffs a little), and we've had her boy, N. on here before, too. It sure was fun to finally have all her men in one place with her. May be a couple more to come.

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