Feb 28, 2010


Nikon D90, 70-200mm VR lens @ 200mm, f/2.8, 1/15s, ISO 200.

Feb 22, 2010

A few weeks ago we pulled a Jane Austin and had double weddings in two states--exhausting, I can assure you. Still, it was a blast. This couple has now seen their images, so I won't be spoiling anything by sharing with you here. These two are sure cute--and hilarious. This is one of the only images where they aren't hamming it up!

I'll have more of them to come.

Nikon D90, 70-200mm VR lens @ 150 mm, f/3.5, 1/1250s, ISO 200.

Feb 21, 2010


I crested the hill, exiting the trail from the Island just in time to witness the deployment. R. got out of the car, his board under his arm,  and cooly appraised the hill below him, looking, perhaps,  for gravel and potholes. But the road was clear, and R. grinned with anticipation.

"You're not going to ride down this, are you?" I asked. 

"That's the Plan," he replied with a bigger grin.

"I've got a really big camera in my bag; do you mind if I take your picture doing it?"

"That'd be great!" R. answered.

See below.

Cover Girl

Here's another from Wednesday's Photo Class. T. is always the first to step up when one of the class members needs to model. She's great about getting in front of the camera, even though I don't think she loves it. We have fun in this class, and we get pretty creative. I hope that after seeing this, T. still volunteers...

Nikon D90, 70-200mm VR lens @ 190, f/2.8, 1/320s, ISO 500, finished in Lightroom 3 beta.

Feb 20, 2010

A Night Out

Nikon D90, 70-200mm VR lens @ 200mm, f/4.5, 1/25s, ISO400, shot at The Studio.

Feb 19, 2010

Flower Friday

Nikon D90, 70-200mm VR lens, f/4.0, 1/125s, ISO 500, SB-600 through Cheetahstand 16" Q-box.

Feb 17, 2010

Class Pictures

Have I told you how great my students are this block? They are not afraid to get in front of the camera (with a little coaxing, anyway), and they all practice, and they are all kind...oh, yeah, and they all come to class!

We had fun this evening. I'll probably post some more from this shoot later, but these are some quick favs. Click through for a few more.

Feb 14, 2010


I found this couple swimming at a park in Bellmore, Long Island. They say swans mate for life.
Come in for a few more...

Beach Combing

This is Boris. He walks along the shore at Jones Beach State Park a couple or three times a week collecting  seashells. When I asked him what he does with them, he just said he gives them to his children. 
Click here to get to know Boris a little better...


Just click here and enjoy a stroll down memory lane. Watch out for the after burners.


Cold days at SLC always begin this way. You hurry out of the house so you can make it to the airport in plenty of time, then you hurry through the baggage check, wait anxiously in the security line, which takes an extra long time because there is a whole group of elderly people who drove down from Boise who all have to remove their sweatshirts before being screened--and their belts, and their shoes, and yes, sir, your belt, too--which allows you to arrive at the gate just in time to board a section or two after your assigned spot, so you have to stow your bag at the back (even though you're sitting in the second row), then you finally sit down, and turn open your air vent because you're sweating from hurrying around for the last three hours, and then you sit there on the tarmac. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting to have your plane de-iced. 

This guy's got it good, though. The way he's dressed, it could be full summer. At JFK they stand in open buckets and try to bundle up against the cold and the backspray from the wash. This chap may have the AC going.

Feb 12, 2010

Love for Haiti

This Valentine's Day, spend some of your love on Haiti. They've had a terrible time with the devastation after their recent earthquake, and I'd like your help doing something about it. Saturday night at The Studio we are holding an art sale from which all proceeds will be given to the Red Cross to support humanitarian relief in Haiti. 

Artists are welcome to contribute. Bring your works to the Studio tonight--106 N. Church Street in downtown Logan, right next to Cafe Ibis and the Italian Place. If you are contributing, please bring things ready to display.

Personally, I will be selling prints of my work, and a few certificates for portrait sittings, too. So this is a good opportunity to get your new family or individual portrait done and benefit disaster relief at the same time!

I'd appreciate input on any of my images you think people (or you) would like buy. Leave me a comment and let me know. I'm thinking of providing 5x7's for $7, and 8x10's for $12. It's a bargain, but the idea is to bring in money! Thanks for your support.


Flower Friday

Nikon D90,  85mm lens, f/1.8, 1/250s, ISO 200.

Feb 8, 2010

New York Public Library

I took the trains to Penn Station and walked down 7th avenue toward Times Square, and wandered from there. New York is great because there's always something to see around any corner. I headed toward the Chrysler building, but it wasn't getting any closer after several blocks, so I looked down another street and saw Grand Central Station (look for those tomorrow!), then around another corner and I was staring Patience and Fortitude in the face. Those're their names, the lions. I joined a walking tour inside and was amazed by this incredible building. I was reminded of my first experience with the New York Public Library: Ghost Busters.

"Listen...do you smell something?"
Come on in and find out...

FDNY: The Mid Town Mob

New York Fire Department; need I say more?

I'd love to hear your thoughts about which flag you like best, so click on in and let me know.

Feb 7, 2010

New Yorkers

I spent Saturday morning in Manhattan. I had some time before my flight out, and who wouldn't take the opportunity to go into New York City? I road the subway and hiked about town without a map. This was a much better experience than driving around Long Island. I had a GPS in my rental car, which was pretty helpful; however, anytime I missed a turn, or chose to stop and have a look around the lady on my GPS became annoyed and said, "Recalculating," in a patronizing tone, as if she's dealing with a simpleton who just doesn't know any better.

No, real New Yorkers were much more friendly. Not one of them ever turned me down for a picture, and most stood and chatted with me, offering eating and sightseeing suggestions. I've heard that they just aren't as nice in the East, but I didn't find it true. Maybe it's my photographers' license, which often opens people up, but I think they get a bad name. Have a look at these and decide for yourself.

Come on in for a few more...

Feb 5, 2010

Not a Flower Friday

It's incredible how few people are at the beach in February. Still, I enjoyed an early morning at Jones Beach State Park on Long Island. Click on in to see what I found...

Feb 2, 2010

Goin to the Chapel...

There's a lot of anxiety as the bride and her maids get ready for the day; then a little bit of a calm for the bride as sisters and maids get into their positions; then another stop as each groomsman escorts a maid to her place, and the flower girl waits her turn, too, in more ways than one; then a last bit of anxiety as Dad and daughter prepare for their turn; then the ceremony, and the traditions, and Great Grandma Ginger feeling proud, and the candles, and the kissing; finally the dancing and the cake, and the getting underway to someplace the groom has secretly reserved. What fun a wedding is!

Follow me inside for more action down the aisle...

Last Spring I met Zech Wendt at a photography seminar in Salt Lake. Hh works in Boise, and we have kept in touch, always hoping for an opportunity to work together. This last weekend was just such an opportunity, and Jenn and I had a blast shooting this wedding. We shot from 6am to after 3pm, and it was just one thing after another all day to keep us hopping. While Jenn help cover the girls getting ready, Zech and I had fun with the Cop groom and his handgun enthusiast groomsmen. We had a blast getting know each of the families as we made their portraits and watched them give a wonderful day to the bride and groom. These are some of the best of the Boise area, and we are honored to have been involved in their special day.

Because Zech was well prepared and had excellent lighting arranged to cover the entire service and reception, I was pleased to be able to try a little bit different look and primarily use the lighting available in each setting we went through. I was thinking in monochrome all day and enjoyed the different perspective. I put a filter over my brain and saw the world in Black and White--which is natural for me, having been trained in B&W from the start. J. and M. were terrific subjects, and working with their families was a real pleasure.

Nikon D90 and D40x, 70-200mm VR lens, 85mm f/1.8 lens, and 12-24mm f/4 lens, mixed lighting.