Jan 14, 2011

Flower Friday

When I was 10.95 years old, my family moved from Fort Walton Beach, Florida to Colorado Springs, Colorado. When we arrived there, the first outing we took was to Cheyenne Mountain, just around the corner from NORAD. There, we drove up North Cheyenne Canyon to Helen Hunt Falls, a city park of noteworthy beauty. The water falls are very nice, and you can get right into the nature of the area, learning from rangers about the ecology and picking up stories about mice and douglas fir cones.

Later, when i was 21 years old, I went to work as a ranger there myself, teaching other 11 year olds about rocks and flowers and carpenter ants.

Last Labor Day, a few other Cache Valley Photographers and I took a trip there to make pictures. That's where I found this little star.

Nikon D700, 55mm f/3.5 micro lens, f/3.5, 1/40s, ISO 640.

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