Apr 4, 2011

Ford Fairlane

We found this gem under St. John's Bridge just outside of Portland this afternoon. I had a good time making this picture, though I had to set it up twice.

The first time I got it all arranged using the Pentax 645 I brought along, with a 47mm lens. It was looking good through that glass, and I was excited for the artillery like clack of the mirror and shutter as I rolled over the shutter button...and nothing happened. Duh, forgot to wind it. Wiiiiiiiiiiiind. Rolled the button...nothin'! As I wound it again I noticed that the shutter count window was no longer advancing and had maxed out at 20 exposures. Rats! Out of film.

What should I expect, though? This roll lasted nearly a year; Gary Bird and I started last Spring in St. George. Seems fitting that St. John's put it to rest.

Now to develop it...

Anyhow, set it up again on my D700, which is a full frame sensor camera body. Still, it's nothing compared to the 220 film I was shooting in that big old Pentax. There's just something about the view through those lenses that is intriguing. And big.

Nikon D700, 14-24mm f/2.8 lens @ 14mm, f/11, 9 exposures, 1/100s to 0.4s, ISO 200.


  1. Great framing with all those powerfully converging lines. I was there and just saw a old car up the street.

  2. This is amazing, Levi. I love the sense of depth. Your work is stunning. So glad we got to be part of it!