May 7, 2011

Semper Fi...

...or is it, "Tempus Fugit?" Mrs. Tuggle said I would never forget my Latin, unless I got hit by a Mack Truck. My Mack Truck was actually a Cheng De, and it hit me in China.

It's been two years since I picked up my camera and started this blogging thing. 562 posts later, I'm still shooting pictures almost daily and stumbling through my sentence structure. Time really does fly, and I'd like to thank you flying with SDesigns.

As for the Semper Fi, well...I've been deployed around the world, shooting in tough situations, long flights, longer hours, cultural differences, hostile natives...

...Oh, yeah: and sometimes I've been outnumbered:

Thanks for sticking with me for another year. As I've become a full time photographer this year, I especially appreciate your patronage and support. Please give me a call and we'll create some beautiful Art of your family, and I can also help you on your way to learning photography.

Here's to another year behind enemy lines; may the shutter fly like the time.

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