Sep 8, 2011

Your Tax Dollars At Work

One of my favorite things about traveling is seeing airports. Everywhere you go, airports are good looking buildings--I think it's because a town or country wants you to have a good first impression of their place, so they spend a lot of money on architecture. A lot.

So, there are all these wonderfully designed buildings scattered around the country and around the world, and they are only seen by those travelling! I think it's a great tragedy, and just another effect of 9/11: citizens who pay for these works of art are not able to view them!

Fortunately, we have another outlet for our tax dollars, and we can all go see them: Universities. USU is one such location that has some incredible buildings, and it's just around the corner from everyone in this county. They have really put a lot into making the campus a pleasant place to go, and the Library is an especially beautiful building where you can enjoy a dance of light and color and form throughout the day. I highly recommend a field trip to see this building.

And while I was mentoring a student in the morning yesterday, J. happened by the library on her way to class, and boy was it nice to see an old friend like her--you've met her here before, but she's had a load of new experiences since that time and is a new woman. I'm so glad she stopped to chat and sit in front of the lens for a moment.

Nikon D7000, 28-300mm f/3.5-4.5 VR lens @ 92mm, f/5.3, 1/3200s, ISO 800.

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