Jul 28, 2011

Socializing the Network

Social Networks. These things rule our lives--we do everything based on recommendations on someone's blog, or make plans by what we read from our 'friends' on Facebook. Heck, I'm going to Las Vegas next week to attend a conference based solely on the references I have made online.

The important thing is, I'm going to Skip's Summer School and so are the others I've built online relationships with; so now we'll begin making some real relationships! It's important to meet people, to get to know them, to laugh with them, to be concerned with them, to tolerate their over loud laughing, and deal with their manners that are different than yours. This is relationshipping, and I hope you're doing it. I hope you're getting out and seeing people you've met online. Meetup.com is really good for this, and I use it for building photographers in Cache Valley.

This week I met two new people through my networks. This is M., and I was pleased to get to know him and realize that we share some common passions. He's heading back to one of my favorite places in the world soon, and I look forward to seeing his pictures.

Nikon D7000, 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6 VR lens @ 62mm, f/4.8, 1/200s, ISO 640.
So, get out there and meet some people! ON that note, you're always welcome to come by the Mansion. Wednesdays we have a our Brown Bag Lunch Forum, and Thursday nights is open lab for photography, so come on down!

The Best Season

Spring and Summer really are a great time to get married. Everything is new, so making a new life just fits. In this image I love that B & D are wrapped around each other and shrouded in the new blooms and fresh greens of the season. We had a great time making these pictures right before the wedding. This was great because they knew they were ready, and were actually quite relaxed before the nuptials, and didn't have to worry about managing their time between the ceremony and luncheon afterward. I really like this pattern for making wedding pictures.

Nikon D700, 70-200mm f/2.8 VR lens @ 200mm, f/3.5, 1/500s, ISO 640.

Jul 27, 2011

Forests and Trees

Ever hear the phrase, "you can't see the forest for the trees"? Sometimes we lose sight of the big picture because we're so focussed on what's going on right in front of us. Focus is especially important in photography. As such, there will be some changes coming to this blog and website. Stick around, don't leaf just because we're renovating...

Nikon D700, 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6 VR lens @ 230mm, f/11, 1/4s, ISO 200.

Jul 18, 2011

All Dressed Up...

A. is one of those people who just likes to look nice. She's always dressing nicely for work and play, and she has flair to go with the style. In fact, she often creates her clothing herself. I happened on her while she was working at Maya's Corner (an incredibly stylish women's clothing store located in the Mansion for the summertime) and we quickly made a few pictures in the Studio. 

Nikon D700, 70-200mm f/2.8 VR lens @ 190mm, f/9, 1/200s, ISO 400.

Jul 15, 2011

Flower Friday

After a little hiatus, Flower Friday is back!

Nikon D7000, 105mm f/2.8 VR macro lens with 1.7x multiplier, f/8, 1/125s, ISO 400.

Jul 12, 2011


Often, something going well goes even better when you can include stuff going on nearby. Yes, it's great to get clean teeth at the dentist, but the gift bag really makes all the difference. Meeting your favorite star on a set while filming--awesome; enjoying the delicious catering--awesomest. Like popcorn with a movie, cosy socks with a good book, and gatorade on your head after a great high school football game, it's little things that really make a great experience into the best experience.

So it is with these pictures. Had a blast and made some of my favorite pictures ever of a bride and groom recently. However, these two portraits of family members on the sidelines are also some of my favorites. Same thing with the figure skaters: portraits on the podium of the winners are good, but these individuals shot while we had a few minutes to spare really tied the whole thing together for me.

Nikon D700, 70-200mm f/2.8 VR lens @ 70mm, f/8, 1/640s, ISO 500.

Nikon D700, 14-24mm f/2.8 lens @ 24mm, f/5.6, 1/2000s, ISO 800.

Nikon D700, 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6 VR lens @ 300mm, f/11, 1/200s, ISO 400.

Nikon D700, 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6 VR lens @ 230mm, f/14, 1/200s, ISO 400.

Nikon D700, 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6 VR lens @ 150mm, f/16, 1/200s, ISO 400.

Jul 9, 2011

Can't Breathe...

We're shooting the Copper Cup, today, for the Utah Figure Skating Club...millions of skaters cruising through...no time to breathe...

Photo by Gary Bird, of gbirdphoto.com

Jul 7, 2011

Cruise In...Again

This is J.

He brought W. to the Cruise In on Friday night, and they two were good enough to oblige me with a few pictures. This was very fun for me: They just sat by a pretty car and talked and laughed, and I shot away. After a few minutes they seemed to remember that I was there and asked if they should move or pose, but they were looking so natural, I asked them to keep on keepin' on. I'm not a car guy, so this was really the best part of the Cruise-In for me, and I thank J. and W. again for a good time.

Jul 6, 2011


While preparing for the Cruise-In photo contest, T. came to model for us and make some fun images. She was a blast to work with, but the credit here goes elsewhere. If Dan and J.R. hadn't been there heckling us the whole time, we wouldn't have made as much progress as we did. Dan owns the GTO in this image, and J.R. had the sweet '54 'Vette. Sure appreciate those guys letting us get hand prints all over their paint jobs.

Nikon D7000, 70-200mm f/2.8 VR lens @ 155mm, f/4, 1/800s, ISO 200, SB-600 through Cheetah Stands 16" QBox.

Nikon D7000, 70-200mm f/2.8 VR lens @ 105mm, f/4, 1/1250s, ISO 200, SB-600 through Cheetah Stands 16" QBox.

Jul 2, 2011

Cruise In

Every Fourth of July, Passionate people descend on Cache Valley for the Cruise In. One of the largest classic car shows goes on here, and there are lots of beautiful things to see. Come on down, but you better hurry: people have been reserving their spots on Main Street for a couple of days for the parade.

Nikon D700, 70-200mm f/2.8 VR lens @ 70mm, f/4, 1/125s, ISO 200, Paul C Buff strip bank.