Jan 24, 2012

Creoles, et al.

This is the Chef at one of the restaurants we had breakfast at in New Orleans. My favorite image of the trip.
So much has been happening, and so many things are in my mind to share with you. Do you ever get paralyzed with so many things? Ever feel that you just don't have time right now to do a complete job, so you just put it off a little...and a little more...and it just snowballs into a ton of things that you don't have time for and you end up not doing anything?

Me, too.

So, I went to the Caribbean.

Took a vacation. We've actually planning it for months and months. My wife has been excited for ages, but I couldn't get excited until we were driving to the airport for all the things going on and all I had to finish before we left.

These are pictures I made of some of the people I saw and was involved with during our Cruise. This is a quick share, with more depth coming soon. I'm still working on preparations for the Seven Secrets imaging conference this weekend. Hope to see you there!

Gary Bird and J. were compatriots on this excursion


Photog from North Dakota.

Trombone and photog. THese guys were heading to Washington to perform.

Cool artist--cafebabyneworleans.com

Another favorite.

When I shot this I thought it was cool that there was a guy in the window...turns out to be a bust of JFK!

These guys are listening to the Saints game--iPhone + Sousaphone = P.A. System.

This is Chris, a fellow SMUG leader. He showed us around in NO.

Gary and Chris working it from the Ferry.

Gary works the Shrimp burger--half a pund of ground shrimp patty-fied. A little salty. Gary couldn't finish--it was that much shrimp!

In Costa Maya.

J. in New Orleans

Gary in New Orleans.

J. in Costa Maya.

Guy painting our ship. It's gonna take him a while.

Gal sweeping the street in Roatan, Honduras.

My new pal, Darfuss--that's his green house right behind him...see it?

This vaquero was riding his bike up the street, and I was photographing something else. As soon as he saw me he made this salute and held until he had passed Gary and me. We obliged him with a picture.


  1. You are so good at what you do! Next stop, New York!?!

  2. I was thinking...what's happening Memorial Day in New York?

  3. Wow! Thanks for sharing all of those. Way fun to look at and your work is incredible and inspiring, as always.
    Cami Graham

  4. Tiffani D. (Genesis Photography)January 29, 2012

    Levi - I had SO MANY favorites that I lost count. You are amazing.

  5. Great shots, really like the one of the guy on the bench, light is very nice.