Feb 2, 2012

Mild Winter

It's been moderate, not that cold overall. Last year I was walking to work in my vibram 5 finger shoes and freezing my piggies off. This year, I could wear shorts most days and survive. The low snow pack has the ski bums, ya know, bummed, and the warmth is already flooding a bit on the river bottoms. Still, it's extended the season for making pictures outdoors.

And that's been fun. Sometimes, kids just react better when you go outside. In the Studio, they may get the feeling that it's my space, but outside is a free for all. They don't mind bossing me about when we're out of doors, and I don't mind moving accordingly.

So we headed out to make pictures with this wonderful family. We went to one of my favorite places I've never been before: the USU campus. I love working there because we can always find good light and we can always find something new.

I love this one. For these we played around the Geology Building. I studied Geology in college, and there's something homey for me there, I guess.

These guys were a blast to work with. They came down from Alaska to visit, and were really enjoying the warmer weather and mild winter this year.

Yep, no complaints from me about the mild winter. Bring it on!


  1. Who knew that old building could look so cool!

  2. That has been one of my favorite spots to take photos on campus since I was there as a photo major in the '90s. Any photography would be lucky to have even 1/10 the spots in their area that campus gives all of us for free. All anyone has to do is go up there and explore.