Mar 30, 2012


Doppelgänger means someone who looks like you. Historically, it usually meant some kind of imp who had your form and did bad things and made people think it was you doing it. For this post, we're going with the first definition.

This is Tyler and Rachel, of TAustin Photography, based in Seattle. Yep, I met them while I was there for that creativeLive workshop I attended a couple of weeks ago. Tyler and Rachel attended as models for Bambi Cantrell to demonstrate posing and lighting techniques on, and we all had a great time learning together.

So, why the doppelgängers? Cause they're just like my wife and me! (Except, I don't have that "I'm-also-a-rugged-fireman-when-I'm-not-making-pictures" look that Tyler does...)

They were married just a few years ago, but they don't really have many pictures from the day, and neither do we. For our part, we hired a guy without any vetting or shopping, thinking, perhaps, that "Pictures are pictures." When he showed up at our reception with a print of of us from earlier in the day made on typing paper and showing the two of in a closeup with my eyes closed, we realized that not all pictures are created equal.

So, Tessa and I stuck around and made more pictures for them. Tessa is a terrific ball of photographic spunk from Texas who was also attending the workshop. Click on this link to see her take on our time with Rachel and Tyler.

I really enjoyed Seattle. the weather was wonderful, and I'm told I must be a leprechaun for how lucky I was with weather--each evening when I took people out to make pictures, it was gorgeous with great sunsets every time. I'm excited to be heading back there on May 7th to present to the Seattle SMUG. If you're in town, I hope to see you then!

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