Mar 26, 2012

A Few More, and Hanging Out

You saw a sample of A. and J. the other day here, and these are some more fav's from working with them. Can you see how much fun this job is? Sorry, there aren't any openings, right now, so if you'd like to be a photographer you'd better get another job and try again later.

Doesn't that sound ridiculous? As if all the pictures have been made, and there're none left for you! I'm absolutely against this type of thought, and I do my best to keep myself from getting down into that sort of thinking. It's hard, though, sometimes: I see someone else working with a talented model or a great looking family, and I get jealous, I get thinking, "They ought to let me make those pictures."

So, I do things to keep myself from having a pity party. Like asking A. and J. to come along for a class as I mentioned below. Like teaching at BATC, and the Bullen Center. Like hosting 363 club members at my studio twice a week. Like hosting a hangout on Google Plus to show how I finished the following images using Lightroom4.

That was an interesting thing, the hangout. I made it public, and bunch of strangers dropped in for a few minutes, watched me edit, then left myself and a couple of other photogs to ourselves. I'll have to try that again, and I'll let you know when I do it, too.

It's late, and I'm hurrying to get to bed, so I'm not putting all my exposure data with the pictures. Instead, I'll share a website I like to use to see what settings other photogs used when making a picture. First, click on the image to make it full size. Then, right click on the image and choose to "copy image address"or "copy image URL". Next go to this web page and paste the address in the first empty field and click "View image at URL". Voila! Enjoy peeping on other photogs' settings...unless they truncated them, which is always disappointing.

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