Mar 13, 2012

My Latest Ad

Here's the thing: I like making ads. I think it's fun. So, when the Home Town Values Magazine asks me to make pictures for their cover art, I jump to and make it happen. I love meeting the business owners and getting to know their business through them. We have some really terrific businesses here in Cache Valley--like Anderson's Garden. They will be on the cover of the Magazine this month, and I highly recommend them to you for any kind of garden/lawn/plant/obscure-arboreal-knowledge you might be in need of. See, Mark knows just about everything about all kinds plants-- you've probably heard him on KVNU on Saturday morning. Go in there and ask him anything and I bet he's got the right answer.

Well, for their cover image and inside image this month, we actually made pictures last fall in their bounteous garden. With their help, your garden can look as good this year. In fact, you need to go to the store at 50 West Center Street just to see the refacing they've done! They are restoring the facade to a historic look, and it's really nice. Go check it out. Tell 'em I sent ya.

Part of the deal with the magazine is that I also get an ad, so here it is...

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  1. I sense an AWESOME radio commercial coming out of this post!