Apr 4, 2012


I am continually amazed at the diversity that can be found in a little tiny valley in the mountains. Here in Cache Valley, Utah we've got everything from cowboys to fashionistas to skaters to world class opera performers. Today, I'm happy to share another set of folks here: our own '20's style gangsters.

The Cache Valley Cartel puts on a great show, and I'm privileged to be helping with some pictures for the crew. They are a blast to work with, full of character and vision for their art. We made this image today as part of the promo set for the Cuties who engage the crowd during shows and keep the energy high. I'm excited to see where they go!

Nikon D3, 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6 VR lens @ 72mm, f/11, 1/160s, ISO 200.

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