Aug 17, 2012

Headless Chickens

Ever feel like one of those? It's been the busiest summer of my life. I returned the other day from a wonderful conference in Chicago where i got to teach alongside one of the greatest photographers in the world, I just photographed the birth of a brand new baby girl (all natural for mom--wow!), and I finally moved past my stigma of winning third place in the Logan Summerfest Plein Aire Photography Competition.

I initiated the competition three years ago, and for the last two years I've earned third place. Heck, I picked the judges and couldn't win! Well, this year, I didn't pick the judges, and not only did I not get third, but I did get First and Second places. I was floored and honored. 

And someone just reminded me that didn't even post those images here! So, first and second respectively. 

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