Sep 8, 2012

The Road Already Travelled

In Frost's famous poem, the speaker chooses which fork to take as a road diverges in the forest. He/she weighs the advantages of both, and ends up choosing one and finds that the choosing is the most important thing, not which road was taken. I notice that there's no mention of turning around to look back down the road from which he/she came--no thought of going back. That's significant, too.

If one did look back, it might look like this.

I made this image at Perpetua Point on the Oregon Coast yesterday. The fog was fickle, playing in and out and teasing my light meter mercilessly. Nonetheless, I like the feel of this image, and I think it looks like everything I like about the Coast: small roads winding through the hills, fog dodging in and out, and the ever intense greenyness filling my vision. I was fortunate enough to walk both branches of this fork without the choosing: it's a turn around atop the hill.

Nikon D800, 14-24mm f/2.8 lens @ 24mm, f/5.6, 1/80s, ISO 100.

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